Codling Moths Part 1: You Are Being Tested 

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of an organic gardener more than a new pest. There’s the moment you discover the interloper: “Now what the hell are you?” you say out loud, to nobody in particular, as you go through the encyclopedia entries in your mind and panic takes hold.

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It’s Dahlia Time Again at Double Decker Farm

If you see cars swerving in downtown Sandpoint or in the Selle Valley around September, there just may be a roadside dahlia spotting involved. They’re that astounding. 

Tall and stately, crowned with colorful mopheads of eye-catching petals, dahlias take up space in the most pleasing way at harvest time.

Dahlias are flamboyant and almost always get a reaction from anyone paying any attention.

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Selle Valley Reverie: A Childhood Steeped in Tradition

I was fortunate to grow up in the Selle Valley from the fourth grade on, attending Northside Elementary School just about a mile from my family’s home as a girl. I graduated from Sandpoint High School and later, the University of Idaho.

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