Codling Moths Part 1: You Are Being Tested 

There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of an organic gardener more than a new pest. There’s the moment you discover the interloper: “Now what the hell are you?” you say out loud, to nobody in particular, as you go through the encyclopedia entries in your mind and panic takes hold.

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Hug a Western Larch (Larix occidentalis) Today!

With our exceptionally warm October, many trees decided to just keep on photosynthesizing and put off losing their leaves. Then came a weird early cold blast paired with a few inches of heavy snow.

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The Book of Difficult Fruit: Arguments for the Tart, the Tender, and Unruly

Arranged in chapters named for each non-supermarket friendly, bizarre and downright hostile fruit she explores, the book is a deep dive into fruit you have probably never heard of.

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With Weed Fabric, All Things Are Possible

I may have mentioned that one of my favorite things to do is bite off more than I can chew and then tend that group of items obsessively using highlighted lists and intricate schedules.

I didn’t make an obsessive farmer statement’ for nothing.

But I do sometimes know when to say when and to take advantage of a simple, good thing when I see it.

Enter weed fabric.

This humble product allows me to keep the large lower garden from becoming a jungle (and to have time for fun stuff in the summer like rolling around in Lake Pend Oreille like an otter).

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Nothing to Trifle With: Bald Faced Hornets

Objectively, bald faced hornets are quite beautiful, emblazoned in bold black and white, with a powerful look and a sentience that seems to go beyond the usual insect.

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