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Double Decker Farm is built on a foundation of the highest quality ingredients grown with integrity. Everything is topped with creativity, a real passion for food and health — plus a devotion to the unique. We are fully aware that the right way is usually the more challenging way — and we’ll give it a shot. Exhibit A: Tansy remediation consists of a shovel.

Double Decker Farm is located in the beautiful and historic Selle Valley north of Sandpoint, Idaho in old Colburn. The history and the people and animals here before us influence everything we do here.

Why Is It Called Double Decker Farm?

Our farm is made up of two distinct elevations. The main production garden is on the lower level above the pond and an additional garden is located further up the hill. This allows us to enjoy multiple ecosystems with different plants and animals — and most years, to extend the growing season up top.

The lower level garden by the large pond.
From the upper elevation. The upper garden greenhouse roof is visible at right.

Online Order, Local Sandpoint Pickup

Double Decker Farm is not open to the public. Rather, we use our online ordering system to bring the farm to you. Just place your order online, choose local pickup and we will see you soon!

Seasonal Bounty

We operate under the principle of making hay while the sun shines. In other words, when you have a lot of plums, that’s a good time figure out a lot of nice ways to eat plums and enjoy them while they last until next year. Our grandmothers had it right: this too shall pass.

No Chemicals, No Compromises

The farm is not certified organic — and yet we are 100% religious about a chemical free farm and adhere to that with a fervent zeal. A large part of the farm plan includes attracting pollinators and as many wild creatures as possible. Each year, we plant new trees and raise mason bees.

Animals Deserve a Place, Too

Double Decker farm is home to my immediate family but also our extended family — many other mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. Our goal is to create a refuge for living creatures where they can rest and feel safe from a world that increasingly cramps their style.

Obsessive Farmer Statement

I think I was born to grow plants — it is an irresistable urge in me. I will never get tired of seeing the miracle of seeds and the cycle of seasons. Nature amazes me daily.

I also make slow food in micro mini batches with intention. Straightforward ingredients, ethical sourcing and a commitment to a chemical-free farm make superior flavor. For me, every detail counts — I am committed to creating quality.

My Italian farming heritage and my own commitment high-level craftsmanship informs how I work. 

The importance and protection of this place also matters a great deal to me. Sandpoint, Idaho, the magnificent Selle Valley and old Colburn are beautiful and historic places. I feel lucky to have overlapped with some outstanding old timers.

Thank you for your interest in my farm. ~ Meyla Bianco Johnston

Gopher Eradication Department: Miles

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