Jam & Jelly: Happiness in a Jar

If you’re in the same camp as me, there is nothing as perfect as a piece of homemade sourdough toast with butter and old-school jam.

For me, it brings comfort and predictable joy in an otherwise harsh world.

I make the kind of jam made a long time ago with real organic fruit, pure cane sugar and fruit pectin.

This is the stuff your grandma or aunt or neighbor used to make if you were lucky enough to have one willing to do that.

Plant It, Tend It, Pick It, Cook It

What’s unusual about Double Decker Farm jams and jellies is that I grow and pick the fruit myself. That means weeding, adding bark or manure, monitoring, watering and picking to start.

When I make jam, I think of all the American women who ‘put up’ jam on the hottest days so their families could have a tasty bit of summer in mid-winter. Which brings up my antique canning jar fetish and love for my maslin pan . . .

Nothing Fancy, Just Familiar

You’ll notice Double Decker Farm jam comes in two-part jar lids. I use both eight and four ounce jelly jars with regular lids exclusively. Aesthetically, I like them better than commercial jars and I like the re-use aspect. If you want to be a good citizen and return my jars, you are a good egg. Thank you.

All these preferences add up to make Double Decker Farms jams and jellies 100% real.