Mine is organicTheirs may be irradiated which kills vitamins and nutrients
Mine is local, proudly grown in Sandpoint, Idaho Supermarket garlic is usually from Mexico and is picked by underpaid laborers
Mine is grown to eat by lusty people who enjoy great foodTheirs is grown for the longest shelf life
Mine is beautiful . . . and sometimes irregularTheirs is either “factory perfect” or looks puny and sad
Mine is real. From September to July, I’m growing. I make the compost that makes great garlic. I weed the beds the garlic grows in. I cut off the scapes when it is time. I harvest each bulb one a time, by hand, using elbow grease. I hang the bulbs to dry for weeks and monitor them closely. I clean each bulb by hand for you.  
Theirs is all about quantity
Mine is STRONG LIKE BULLTheirs is namby pamby