JamMade with mashed fruit, sugar and pectin, this is classic comfort food and the mainstay product at Double Decker Farm. 
JellyMade from fruit juice, sugar and pectin, jelly is delightfully pretty and a bright, transparent color against the light. A light and delicious topping for sourdough and other bread.
PreservesMade from whole fruit or large pieces of fruit, this product is not offered at Double Decker Farm.
Fruit spreadMade from 100% fruit with no sugar. You won’t find this product at Double Decker Farm.
ButterMade from pureed fruit with some sugar, these products are not as sweet as jam or jelly. This product is not offered at Double Decker Farm. Look for it in Amish country in the Midwest, cooked in copper cauldrons.
MarmaladeA type of preserves that typically involves citrus rinds and fruit. A Double Decker Farm favorite but currently not offered because you can’t grow citrus fruits in zone 4, where are located here in the Selle Valley of Sandpoint.