As a longtime intentional eater, I respect everyone’s desire to take into their bodies what works for them nutritionally and ethically.

All Double Decker Farm products are 100% vegan.

VeganNo meat, eggs, fish poultry, eggs, dairy products or animal-derived products such as honey. No animal products such as leather included in clothing. Does not consume any products that have been tested on animals or harmed them in any way.
VegetarianNo animal flesh or broth made from animal flesh. 
Ovo-lacto vegetarianNo meat, fish and poultry but allows eggs and dairy.
Lacto-vegetarianNo meat, fish, poultry and eggs but allows dairy products. 
Ovo-vegetarianEliminates meat, fish, poultry and dairy products but allows eggs. 
PescatarianThis diet abstains from eating all meat and animal flesh (like red meat and poultry) with the exception of fish. A pescatarian is not considered a vegetarian—the diets are separate from each other. 
Flexitarian or semi-vegetarianMostly vegetarian but eats meat on occasion — such as if it would otherwise be wasted. 
OmnivoreEats meat as well as vegetables.